Milk Jug Toss

September 10, 2020

The farm my husband manages has a Fun Center filled with different activities for kids and adults to enjoy. Every year, he builds a new activity for the Fun Center. Last year, it was two skee-ball games, and the year before that, a Ninja Warrior obstacle course. This year, I wanted to help him create the new activity.

We decided to build a Milk Jug Toss, since it's one of our favorite games at Dave & Buster's. The one at Dave & Buster's is a carnival theme, with only one milk jug. Our design is a farm theme, with a second milk jug that's closer, so little kids could have a better chance at getting a ball in a milk jug.

I sketched my idea for the backdrop to show my husband what I was planning in my head and painted everything freehand.