Master Builder

November 16, 2017

I worked on a 3' x 4' LEGO display over the course of a couple months. It includes the use of 13 official sets, 6 custom sets I designed using LEGO Digital Designer, and around 2 dozen custom minifigures. The rides are powered by LEGO Power Functions (AAA Battery Box (2), IR Receiver (2), M-Motor (3), IR Speed Remote Control). They can start/stop and change direction/speed all by one remote.

Complete use
  • 10247 Ferris Wheel
  • 10257 Carousel
  • 10244 Fairground Mixer
  • 21310 Old Fishing Store
Majority use
  • 60134 People Pack - Fun in the park
  • 60153 People Pack - Fun at the beach
  • 40221 Fountain
Partial use
  • 60136 Police Starter Set (ATM, minifigures)
  • 60073 Service Truck (portable toilet)
  • 70900 The Joker Balloon Escape (balloon booth)
Slightly modified
  • 31051 Lighthouse Point
  • 31035 Beach Hut
  • 60150 Pizza Van
Custom designed
  • Bounce House
  • Fry Shack
  • Mini Café
  • Shooting Gallery
  • Balloon Booth
  • Pop Machine

Enjoy a trio of exciting carnival rides featuring The Mixer, Ferris Wheel, and Carousel. Try your skill at our fun games that include a dunk tank, high striker, and shooting gallery. Kids will love the bounce house and balloon booth.

Choose from an array of food and beverages. A hotdog stand, fry shack (with milkshakes), mini café (serving coffee, donuts, and pretzels), pizza van, ice cream stall, and pop machine are scattered throughout the property.

Head on over to the beach to build a sandcastle, play a game of volleyball, or visit the beachside fishing store and try your luck at reeling in a big catch. Take a swim or surf in the ocean. Checkout the view of Lighthouse Point and possibly spot a dolphin!

An assortment of amenities ranges from an ATM, portable toilet, wishing fountain, picnic table, and benches. A friendly staff of ticket takers, ride operators, security, maintenance/cleaning crew, and lifeguard keep the place running smoothly.