Lego Table

August 27, 2018

I moved to a new apartment in May. I knew I would have more space, plus a garage to work on projects, so I started thinking of building a custom Lego display table. At the time, I had two folding tables side-by-side, with a thin board overtop to make the surface flat. It gave me 3' x 4' of space to work with. I wanted the new table to be 3'6" x 6' and able to come apart. Lego baseplates are 10 inches, so these dimensions gave me room for a 4 x 7 baseplate display.

The plan was to use galvanized pipe (with cap fittings) for the legs. They would screw into floor flange fittings at the bottom of the tabletop, so they could be removed. The tabletop would be cut in half, then held together by flat metal braces with bolts dropped through and secured with wing nuts. I ran the idea by a friend (who can build almost anything), and he was pretty sure it would work.

My friend offered to help me build the table, but I did not want him to (I am very independent and like working alone). He kept asking, so I let him. I am glad I did, because we found the metal braces were not going to work. We went to Lowe's to get a strip of wood to use instead. My friend also brought his power tools, which made sanding and putting screws in quick and easy (I usually do all of this by hand). He showed me how to do a countersink, which I had never done before and thought was pretty neat. I stained the wood and applied polyurethane on my own. I did the same, as well as drilled countersinks, to the low table I built in January.

We built the table before Memorial Day weekend, and little did I know, a few weeks later, my friend would become my boyfriend. Apparently, he could tell I did not want his help, but he kept mentioning he was available to work on it, hoping I would let him, so we could spend time together. He was intentionally trying to get me to like him. Obviously, it worked :-)