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Sales Register WPF application

The farm my husband manages runs all their market sales using only calculators. The cashiers need to know the price of each item (they use cheat sheets) and after they calculate the total, if they realize they fat fingered a value, they have to redo the transaction.

I developed a WPF app as a prototype to show his boss. It works on my Microsoft Surface GO 2. The farm doesn't have good Wi-Fi, so the app works entirely offline. It stores all the transaction data, which can later be imported to a database once the Wi-Fi is connected. I also wrote a web app to view all the imported data on a convenient dashboard.

With this app, the cashiers no longer need to know the product prices. They can compare the images to what's in the customer's cart and add/subtract the number of items. The app accurately calculates the price for the cashier.

In order to get a lot of test data and test the load without having to manually enter hundreds of transactions, I wrote an automated test that opens the app and makes random selections, then submits the transaction.

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Sales Register Android application

The farm's market manager loved the prototype and wanted to use the app. We worked together to make it more user friendly for the cashiers and include/exclude the products needed for the season.

I rewrote the app for Android, so the farm could use it on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1, because it's half the price of a Microsoft Surface GO 2.

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